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About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Fitzpatrick Group takes a strategic approach for defining and setting the direction for building more diverse and inclusive work environments.  We work with you to learn about your organization, its culture, demographics, successes, challenges, perceptions, and the current climate of the workforce.  Based on experience, we know that it is important to understand the strengths of the organization and what threatens it in terms of diversity and fostering a more inclusive organization.

Many Diversity and Inclusion efforts fail because they lack leadership vision and solid measurable goals and objectives.  We bring key stakeholders together to understand, define, and communicate  the vision and goals for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; and  identify the resources and accountabilities that need to be in place.

TFG will assist you in determining  metrics to measure the effectiveness and impact of your training and programs on organizational behaviors.  Our metrics:

  • Determine whether the current strategies and processes are viable
  • Identify key areas of success
  • Point out challenges and where improvements are needed
  • Establish benchmarking data for moving forward

Our training is designed to  obtain real-time feedback and input to help your organization to respond to both internal and external needs.  Rewards and recognition are also incorporated into this process to demonstrate the level of commitment, communicate success and to reinforce behaviors that help to build a more diverse and inclusive work environment.

It is our goal to provide consulting services unique to each client to establish a credible Diversity and Inclusion initiative that is focused on long-term progress and culture change.

The following is a list of the most frequent Diversity, Equity and Inclusion  courses we provide. If you would like a complete course description and additional information just click on the course title to download the description.

Diversity and Inclusion Courses:
ADA Courses
Building Effective Diversity and Inclusion Programs
Bullying in the Workplace
Civility in the Workplace
Diversity and Inclusion SES Leadership Training
Diversity Awareness
Diversity Council Training, Development and Implementation
Diversity Program Planning, Development and Implementation
EEO Compliance Training
EEO Counselors Training
Gender Equity
Harnessing our Individual Diversity
Measuring Our Progress on Diversity and Inclusion
Micro- Inequities
Multi-Cultural Communication
Multicultural Customer Engagement
Sexual and Workplace Harassment Prevention
Unconscious – Implicit Bias
Valuing Diversity and Inclusion
Women in the Workplace
Working Across Generations
Working on Diverse Teams

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