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About Employee Engagement and Development

The Fitzpatrick Group’s mission is “to partner with employers by providing training and consulting services that strengthen their commitment to employee development and life- long learning”.  We develop and deliver highly interactive training which includes a combination of validated research, activities, technology, assessments, reflection; along with group and individual learning experiences. We work with our clients to ensure that our course content and learning objectives:

  • Create a positive, safe and effective learning experience
  • Clarify learning for participants
  • Are current and relevant to the participants’ learning needs and expectations


As part of our commitment to our services, you have access to a team of facilitators, instructors, leadership coaches, course design and training operations; who all have expertise in training and organization Development.  We design and deliver training that is unique to specific work environments.  Our initial “Training Assessment Meetings” (Typically 1-2 hours) are complimentary. This service assists our clients in identifying their needs and the best course of action for training.

The following is a list of the most frequent courses we provide. If you would like a complete course description and additional information just click on the course title to download the description.

Employee Engagement and Development Courses:
Building Strategic  Partnerships and Relationships
Business Writing
Conflict Resolution
Creativity and Innovation
Customer Service
Diversity and Inclusion
Employee Engagement
Interpersonal Communication
Making Change Work
Presentation Skills
Problem Solving
Project Management Fundamentals
Stress Management
Team Development

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