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We offer leaders and emerging leaders the opportunity to share leadership experiences.

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About Leadership Development Cohort Programs

During our Leadership Cohort Programs participants will acquire the ability to:

TFG’s Leadership Development Cohort Programs offer leaders and emerging leaders the opportunity to share leadership experience and best practices; expand and develop leadership competencies; master “Leadership Intelligence”; collaborate around building meaningful, effective partnerships and relationships.

We work with your organization to identify the leadership competencies that are crucial for growth and success. We tailor each Cohort Programs to meet your organization’s strategic direction and specific needs. Our Programs are a blend of cutting edge approaches to leadership, best practices, theory and models that are designed to equip participants with the tools they need to make and impact and leave legacies throughout their careers.

Our Cohort Programs are structured to engage participants with diverse experiences and viewpoints. draw in the participants’ varied experiences and viewpoints. We facilitate both on-site and live virtual training with TFG consultants, subject matter experts and the organization’s leaders to cultivate the leadership learning experience.

Our Program’s content includes

  • Interactive “Case Studies” and discussions
  • “Peer to Peer” learning
  • Individual and group learning exercises
  • Skills practice in the actual work environment
  • Opportunities for Cohort members to connect and build strategic networks

Work collaboratively across the organization

Lead across organizational or geographical boundaries

Find ways to incorporate creativity and innovation

Solve complex problems and make the best decisions amid conflict and change

Negotiate, influence and communicate to successfully navigate the organization to get things done

Value and leverage diversity to build more inclusive work environments.

Advanced Scheduling for training sessions and curriculum development is required.

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