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About Leadership Intelligence

The Fitzpatrick Group approaches Leadership Intelligence as a process that is constantly evolving. Our Leadership Development services include  Leadership Coaching, Training, and Organization Consulting. We focus on the competencies, behaviors and resources that are needed to lead in today’s work environment which include:

  • Developing and maintaining a high performing workforce
  • Applying the knowledge, competencies and capabilities critical for successful organization wide performance and employee engagement
  • Implementing policies, processes and practices that are aligned with an organization’s vision, mission, strategic goals and processes

We have developed a model for Leadership Intelligence that integrates, key performance factors  and  serves as a framework for providing training and consulting.

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Leadership Intelligence Courses:
Aligning Vision and Values
Communication and Influence
Creativity and Innovation
Decision Making and Problem Solving
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Leaders
Emotional Intelligence
Employee Engagement
Leadership Development Program Cohorts
Leading Change
Leading Teams
Navigating Corporate Culture
Negotiation Skills
Performance Management
Presenting with Power
Project Management Advanced
Rewards and Recognition
Strategic Agility and Resilience
Strategic Planning
Succession Planning
Supervisors and Managers Training
Talent Management
Trust-Based Leadership

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